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Old Jun 1st, 2021, 08:16 AM
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June PotM

left-aligned image

While I am writing this I am looking outside and the sun is shining. Everything seems to brighten up, our international Covid restrictions, the weather, headed towards the end of a schoolyear and despite the oak procession caterpillar-and the cockshafer May bug plague I think we are headed for a I am lying, I have got a severe case of lepidoptera so I hate hate hate Junenice month.

June could also be the month for you to nominate a post! Please look around and make it known that you liked a post, you loved reading a very in-character post or you were touched by the well-written deception of something. Give the author of that post a stage, some attention and RPXP appreciation. Post the link to the post you liked and/or loved, add what system of roleplay the Adventure is in, let us know who the player and the DM is and share your wonder with us.

We would love to read and learn what you thought was a very good post this month :-)
Old Jun 4th, 2021, 10:59 AM
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Okay, I'll get this month kicked off with my nomination....

Nominee: Noquarter19
Game: Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Hoard D)
System: D&D 5e
GM: chocoladevla
The Post: The post is in a private thread. The text of the post is copied below. For the Reds here is the LINK

If you'd like to give Noquarter some RPXP for his great post (and please do), since the selected post is in a private thread, you can give the RPXP to this post of his in the public OOC thread.

Why this post? It is the intro post for a DWARF character...'nuf said!

Okay...for some reason some people around here need more than the above, so here it is:
The first post in a new game is tough. I like to think of beginning a new game with a new character to being like dating. This time in a relationship/game is full of awkward fumbling and clumsy conversation as you try to figure out just who this person is...or may be that's just me.

As I read Noquarter19's intro post for his Dwarven cleric, I didn't sense any of that awkward fumbling. I could see this character, I could hear him. He was immediately real to me as a person - a good old fashioned dwarven person that is. With just a few spoken words and a bit of background...I feel like I already know this creaky jointed old dwarf.


Outplay 2021 - One of the Fools, err, Judges for this event, posting will slow during judging rounds

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Old Jun 7th, 2021, 09:05 AM
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Nominee: 4eyedBadger
Game - In the Coils of Veles (North Team)
Systemp - D&D5e
GM - 4eyedBadger
Link to post - LINK
Reason - I have mentioned in previous months that I adore silly posts. A nice shift of tone from the often frightful and downtrodden posts that consume an adventure. In this post Badger provides a quick and fun glimpse at the events going on in the game through the most unlikely of characters; My PCs pack mule, Sebs.

Post -
Status: expected delay this coming weekend to celebrate daughter's bday. (Aug 6- Aug 8)
Old Jun 13th, 2021, 03:56 PM
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Nominee: GeneT
Game: Rech of Empire
System: Starfinder
GM: ruffdove
The Post: GeneT's post is in two parts. The first is covering his character's actions during the downtime of traveling in the Drift--a parallel plane through which starships in Starfinder are capable of faster-than-light interstellar travel. Specifically, Fensal spends that downtime becoming the ship's cook. The second part is his response to being summoned to the bridge because of contact with a derelict spacecraft that drifted into the ship's path.

Why this post? From his application for this game, GeneT's writing talent has blown me away, and this post really showcases the kind of wasteland-country boy voice that he gives to his character posts for Fensal Splinter, a A diminutive race of ratlike humanoidsysoki ace pilot mechanic who hails from Akiton, a desolate, dying planet covered by vast tracts of red desert. He uses this voice not just for dialogue, but for all of his narrative as well, as though some other ysoki from Akiton is telling Fensal's story. Using the assumption of cooking duties for pretext, GeneT breathes life into his character and the entire world his character comes from. The dialogue, duster, Out-of-Bounds, Miroslav Petrovslang, settings, and situations described on Akiton are all GeneT's own creation, not something he lifted from Paizo's much less colorful descriptions of the planet. He not only makes Akiton come across as a real place, he makes it a place I want to read more about. All in all, it is perhaps the most refreshing and unique voice I've seen on RGX, which is saying a lot. This post also involves the other players and invites their commentary, bringing the group together over food like people do in real life.

The second part of his post is very short, but there are a couple of things going on there that I'd like to highlight. First, GeneT has given his backwater country boy the kind of natural technical savvy that evokes Chuck Yaeger reporting complex aeronautical data to ground control in his West Virginia drawl. I feel like I'd have no trouble hopping into an aircraft with this little ysoki at the controls. Second, Starfinder is a game where the party usually has a starship and captain is a mechanical role in starship combat. Its the kind of thing you might tip-toe around a little uncomfortably so nobody feels they're getting "bossed around" by another player, but this group has seemed to very readily taken to the idea of a character named Diego--written by another excellent player and writer, dbaque--being the captain of the ship. Through Fensal, GeneT has kind of led the way in this, and the second half of his post reveals how he subordinates his character in the ship's chain of command without yielding an ounce of his character's agency.

Old Jun 25th, 2021, 05:53 AM
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Nominee: HenryLockwood
Game: Wrath of the Righteous
System: Pathfinder
GM: HenryLockwood
The Post: My post is in response to bit of interplayer complexity/conflict, with one PC (Ambrosia) taking drastic action to execute an unarmed, unconscious prisoner while the other PCs were still debating what punishment was suitable. In this post, Marcus (a paladin former PC, now NPC after the player left) explains why Ambrosia should be retired as a PC, but the heroes should show some mercy.

Why this post?
Is it bad form to nominate myself? Well, here goes. The reason I'm proud of this post is that Marcus is in a difficult situation here: before his player left, he and Ambrosia had just admitted their mutual attraction, but he's also loyal to Esprix, the PC who was most offended by Ambrosia's abrupt execution of the prisoner. He's treading a narrow path here, between what he wants and what is right, and is trying to find a compromise that sits easily both with his heart and his moral code.

Not site-related: but I'm fundraising for the Alzheimer's Society this month. I'll be riding 250 miles (400km) in August. If you'd like to sponsor me, here is my JustGiving page.
Maps for Wrath
Old Jun 25th, 2021, 09:43 AM
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Nominee: pallen
Game: Ancient Keoland
System: D&D 5e
GM: Exfilia
The Post: Taen, pallen's life cleric, wrestles with his conscience after a night of heavy drinking.

Why this post?
Often it's common for RPG adventures to feel like a race from one adventure to the next. Here, pallen really plays out the impact of the adventure just finished (The Sunless Citadel) on his character's mind. The post is the culmination of several day's worth of posting in real life, during which pallen's Cleric, Taen, takes needed downtime to process the things that have happened to him, the loss of companions, and the implication for him as a man of faith. In this dream sequence, Taen wrestles with the compromises the party made in order to survive the ruin, and feels a tension between the tenets of his god and his own moral intuitions. I love this post because it's often hard to portray a well-rounded character who is sincerely religious yet flawed, and I think pallen captures it beautifully.
Fully back online and up-to-date.

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Old Jun 26th, 2021, 10:12 AM
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Player: Strangemund
Game: The Coils of Veles
System: D&D 5e
GM: 4eyedBadger
Post: Kazimir’s Big Day

Reason for Nomination: When our established group recently needed a new player, Strangemund was suggested by several current players based on their previous experiences with her. And just a short time later I can definitely see why!

Strangemund asked some questions about the setting and other PCs, read up on the game and world (Kobold Press’ Midgard), and then created a very charismatic elf named Kazimir who has delighted us all.

I think Strangemund’s post in which Kazimir arrives in our game deserves special attention and recognition. She wove a tale of Kazimir’s big day in the city, utilizing recent posts by other players and world lore to seamlessly introduce a character into a setting and narrative that is already that much richer for having them. It’s a long post, but filled with such detail, humor, and interesting kernels of backstory that I didn’t want it to end.


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Old Jun 28th, 2021, 04:36 PM
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Nominee: MoldyNolds
Game: 1,000,000 Ways to Die in the Weird West (Modern AGE)
System: Modern AGE
GM: MoldyNolds
Post Link: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthre...52#post9191052

Post Context:

1885, Denver, high fantasy/steampunk alternate history. The world experienced "the Attunement" 20 years prior, in which all manner of fantasy races and magic abruptly manifested (similar to Shadowrun's Awakening).

We've entered into "downtime mode" after completing our first mission and adding another PC to our roster. The PCs are given a few open-ended days to unwind, research, shop, do odd-jobs, or otherwise get into trouble, however they so choose. Two of the PCs have chimed in with responses while the other two are finishing up their posts, and GM MoldyNolds posts the first wave of narrative and mechanical results. (The other PCs' responses to come in a separate post for organization's sake.)

One PC (me playing Ouzo) opts to gamble, dig up info on a new NPC, and dig up profitable info to sell. The other PC (Niyaga playing Li Jie) opts to research demons, shop for new weapons, and research "horseless carriages." MoldyNolds prompts us to create NPCs, settings, and lore within our downtime posts, which he then takes and runs with.

PotM Justification:
  • Collaborative Storytelling: MoldyNolds participates in collaborative storytelling within this downtime post by setting the foundations of a world (high fantasy 1885 Denver) and giving the players wide reign to flesh out the city, its inhabitants, and any little tidbit of culture as they go. MoldyNolds then elaborates on and RPs those people and places that the players started, often in unexpected ways. This is especially cool in a high fantasy/steam punk reimagining of history and places, where we as players get to see ideas we started take off and become their own living, breathing people and places (which we very well may have to deal with later on...). This creates a fun sort of investment and player agency where we're sharing in the creative work, while also helping to avoid brain-drain from sneaking up on our poor GM.

  • Living, Breathing World: MoldyNolds' world is full of "feel" and ambience and tiny little details (sometimes including smells, as shown in this post...!), though they're woven throughout the action. The NPCs we come across have this great mix of being unique but also "fitting in", in such a way that we don't know if they're just an NPC in passing within a novel scene, or have some bigger story to them. It really feels like depending on how the players choose go about things, any of these NPCs could play a larger role! (Which I believe is intentional.) There are also a range of events going on at any given time, sometimes told to us overtly (such as in the results of our investigation checks and in new sidequest leads), and at other times very naturally woven into the narrative (such as in this post's overly-specific warning about flame-producing folk being not allowed into the explosives store, suggesting that this has been a problem in the past...?).

  • Downtime Game Pace: MoldyNolds structured the PCs' downtime as a series of player-defined stories and mini-quests, allowing players to either coordinate together or split off. Since each mini-quest is able to be summarized in a few paragraphs and we don't have to fully RP each individual scene, we're able to keep the pace moving. This is also serving as a great way to introduce a new player mid-game; they have a range of options to choose from, including joining in on any of the other PC mini-quests, and can take advantage of RPing the desired introductory scenes while also able to hand-waive through other parts of the "getting to know you" process.

  • Introducing New Mechanics and Granting Rewards: The Modern AGE system is new to many (all?) of the players. This post also touches on how MoldyNolds helps players to learn this new system's mechanics in a very paced, scaffolded way. A few weeks ago, we were introduced to Modern AGE's team skill checks mechanic. In this post, we delved into Modern AGE's "Detailed Investigations" system for the first time as a group, wherein players can (if they so choose to engage) make a series of checks, then either accumulate failures for a risk/penalty or unlock a little bit of reward and potentially the next level of the mini-challenge. It's a great mechanic for downtime and we were able to take our time in getting to understand it, since exploring new mechanics is also woven throughout the story. This post also shows how players are rewarded as we go, ranging from traditional money, to skill bonuses, to skill bonuses in very-particular-circumstances, to information. The rewards are unique, appear to be mechanically balanced, and have been intermittent enough to keep a feeling of payoff in addition to/without distracting from the story itself! Keeping it fresh!
Post Copy:
Denver Debrief Downtime, Post 1
Pronouns: He/Him | Posting Status: :) | PCs: Dr. Ouzo in 1,000,000 Ways to Die in the Weird West | The Altrix Dunyazad in Uncaged | Varley in Niyaga's Silver Marches | Old Man Ingo in Sins of the Past | Genevieve in In the Shadow of the Chthonian Star
Old Jul 2nd, 2021, 12:43 AM
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The Rundown
Nominee: Horseman
Game: Reluctant Heroes / Homeland Thread
GM: Horseman
System: D&D 3.5 / Homebrew
Link: Flames and Tinder: Burn Our Village to the Ground

Story Context
A Slavic village in an alternative-history 13th-century Europe is under attack. Its warriors have scattered across the countryside trying to lure away a large invasion force, and the safety of the those left behind has been entrusted to Boromil, a young warrior in training. His youth and inexperience cause many to question his decisions, but he is also backed by the advice of Ladislav (the village shaman) and the force of Slavista (his mother, who has the courage of 10 warriors). The tensions and confrontations come to a head when Boromil proposes evacuating their homeland and burning their village to the ground to keep it from falling under the control of their enemies.

Why is this PotM material?
For several posts leading to this, Horseman has been setting the scene by treebranching decision points and noting rolls affecting village morale, loyalty of particular villagers, and the main character's reputation among his own people. But once the rolls and the mechanics are in place, Horseman allows the narration and the prepared responses to shine in a post full of detail and drama. This is the single biggest event in the lives of the characters and villagers assembled in this post, and Horseman allows the magnitude of the decision to hit them (and us) before moving on with ending lines that drive home the forceful current of history and the villager's admirable, but futile, struggle to control it:

She spoke aloud, seemingly like a prayer and warning.

The spirits of our ancestors are here on this land, no matter the cost, no matter the time, no matter the amount of blood............. whether by the generosity of Dazhbog, or the dark harvest of Perun, my children shall raise their children along the banks of the Nuthe River.

With that, she gathered the children and put them on a wagon of possessions, pulled by oxen. Then she climbed atop the possessions and smacked the oxen with a fresh sapling rod. The oxen lurched forward under the load, moving in the direction of the rising sun.


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Nominee: benchly
Game: Tyranny of Dragons
DM: Some Sass hole
Link: Here
Raison d'Etre: bench covers a lot of stuff in this posts, and the fieldsets show it. We traveled five days since the last chapter and he quickly goes over it, with some positive group-building, and finally once in Elturel, has another PC force him into an arm wrestling contest by going full Michael Buffer (a gem of a post I meant to nominate last month but alas) and announcing him to the whole tavern. And benchly handles it like a pro, before letting me resolve the arm fight, which he deftly conquers.

It's a fun post, ok?


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