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Old Oct 1st, 2021, 07:55 AM
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October PotM

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Days are passing and the days are getting shorter, Fall has arrived and over here we are enduring rain, cold and storms. Nothing to complain about because there are worse things to deal with out there but being inside, maybe even turn the heater on creates the perfect vibe and setting to: NOMINATEEEEEE.

Yes, even in October I am sure there will be posts written that made you smile. That brought you a sense of being impressed by the excellent writing style, the words and sentences used or the ability of a player to describe their character in a very unique, cool, bold way. It does not matter to me what exactly made you appreciate a post but I do care that you share :-)
Use this thread to nominate a post to be the one that sparked up Oktober for you, link the post, add a bit of blurb why you liked this post and what you thought was outstanding and let us enjoy. Never hesitate to hand out RPXP and read what has been nominated before and after you, I promise you it will be worth of your time and energy. Nominate and share your joy....

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Old Oct 3rd, 2021, 02:28 PM
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Player: Elanir
Game: Blood & Guts
System: 1st EditionPathfinder
GM: LeoByron
Post: Pride Comes Before a Fall

Reason: Elanir has been consistently active and excellent in all his posts for this game, but this one stood out as particularly exceptional and deserving of a PotM nomination. The players in this game are all undead of various flavours and as Sergius, Elanir's character, faces a devastating trap inspired by Gygax's Tomb of Horrors, he comes to within an inch of his second and final destruction. This post reflects on his original death while the character comes to grips with the fact that somehow, this time, he survived. A great post worthy of the prize!

"Death, so called, is a thing which makes men weep, And yet a third of life is passed in sleep."
― Lord Byron

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Old Oct 5th, 2021, 01:39 PM
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Player: Hillsy7
Game: Elder Scrolls Skyrim
System: 5th edition
GM: Togot
Post: The final cries of the guard faded

Reason: Hills did an excellent job describing how a level one character would react to the blood shed and violence of fighting human guards while trying to escape wrongful imprisonment and scheduled execution. He uses good descriptions and nice imagery to describe the carnage and the casual disregard for life that his fellow escaping prisoners show while looting corpses.
I'm not intellectually arrogant, I'm just right all the time

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Old Oct 8th, 2021, 07:34 AM
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Player: AnotherDragoon
Game: Luchador Lords of Kansas, 2072
System: Homebrew
GM: BananaBadger
Post: A Ninja and a Clown Rolled into Town


Some clowns just know how to make an entrance. In this post, the ageing but legendary wrestler Payaso Pete blows into the small town of Midlin ahead of a tag-team wrestling bout against some up-and-coming locals. Times aren't what they used to be for Pete. No more luxury hotels and huge arenas; instead he's forced to lodge at the home of his wrestling partner's sister, and take his show to moldy gyms. Sure, Pete's knees are growing weak and his clout has taken a few hits, but this former champ knows how to work a crowd, even in a dumpy diner in the middle of nowhere.

Context and Reason

Luchador Lords of Kansas, 2072 is a homebrew post-apocalyptic libre lucha one-shot. In this game, two brothers from a dirt-poor dirt ranch—Henry Swap (played by Yoshimi) and Cain Swap (played by JustSomeGuy)—are making a run for the prestigious SunflowerBisonTornado Trophy. Things don't start out too well for the boys. Their manager has absconded with their money. Their trainer despises them. Their fan base is showing murderous tendencies. And Henry has caught a bad case of lovesick puppy. But that might change. After a sensational and unexpected victory, the Swap Brothers have drawn the attention of former great Payaso Pete and his new partner, Big Boi Ninja. Win or lose, a bout this big can define someone's career.

For this crucial portion of the game, RPG members AnotherDragoon and Kenjitsu agreed to step in for about 2 weeks to take over the personas of Payaso Pete and Big Boi Ninja, giving those characters a much richer voice and expanding their story and interactions with the two permanent PCs in ways that simply wouldn't have been possible had those luchadors remained plain ol' GM-controlled NPCs. To do this, both AnotherDragoon and Kenjitsu had to master the background story so richly built by Yoshimi and JustSomeGuy; and then they had to step into the middle of the narrative and pick up and expand story lines like the old pros they are portraying. That's a tall order for any player, but this post (and the one by Kenjitsu) shows how it's done.


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Old Oct 28th, 2021, 08:44 AM
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Player: Elanir
Game: After the Quake
System: 5e
Post: A Game of Shōgi EDIT BY BIRCHED, LINK TO POST: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthread.php?p=9298246

Reason: The fact that Elanir has two posts nominated in the same month not only speaks volumes to the quality of their posts that make it to the forums on a regular basis but is also confirmation that they are one of the premier participants on RPGCrossing. Their character in this game is a simple fisherman whose soul is intertwined with that of a former dragon emperor. In this instance, an old memory from the dragon's past is overlaid against the back drop of a battle against a demon daimyo and his oni bodyguards. I'd say more but my own words pale in comparison to that which was written by Elanir in the below post.

I have taken the Oath.
Old Nov 3rd, 2021, 05:06 PM
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Player: lostcheerio
Game: Rime of the Frostmaiden
System: D&D 5e
GM: lostcheerio
Post: But Thoob Had Thoughts of Being a Main Character Specifically section 2, titled THE SOOTHSAYER

Nomination In the section titled THE SOOTHSAYER half the party finds an ancient dwarf who is, you guessed it, a soothsayer. She works for a Cult of Levistus, deposed Lord of the 5th Hell, and she is Lawful Evil. We asked for readings, and she pulled out DIVINATION COINS.
The scene is complicated by the fact that our cleric, Zuisudra, is suffering demon possession by a chaotic evil beign from the Abyss, and if you know 5e, you know the Abyss hates the Hells and vice versa. Each game day, the player rolls to see how much influence the demon gets over Zuisudra. Well. The demon got a LOT, and has told Zuis to kill this seer. The player decided the cleric would let the demon take the wheel and not fight it. (I wish I could also nominate Vislands for THAT bold move!)

Context and Reason
If you have ever played through Curse of Strahd, you know one of the most fun aspects of that game is the fortune telling cards that decide key elements of the story. In lostcheerio’s Rime of the Frostmaiden, she invented an entire divination system, gave any character who wanted it a reading, and then interpreted those readings with a Dwarf seer NPC straight out of the module. Those readings will to shape this game for the next year, if not beyond.

You can see the instructions for how to get your fortune told below


This whole USABLE workable player-and-dice system of divination that can be dropped into any game to add mystery, fun, and challenge to ANY game with a soothsayer.

This is the kind of invested, amazing DMing any who have played with cheerio know to expect, but “inventing an entire fortune telling system that incorporates randomness (dice) with narrative, the module’s storyline, and multiple individual backstories” is above and beyond, even for her.
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