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Old Mar 6th, 2022, 12:15 PM
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Start Here! You Are Invited to Book Club.

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Welcome to your seat at the RPGX book club! Every month, we will be discussing a different book or author. Sometimes our choice will connect to gaming or fantasy or sci-fi, but sometimes it will be simply a book that one of the folks who hangs out in book club thinks will be an awesome fit.

How do I join? Just participate.

How do I participate? The active thread will be pinned to the top of the forum, but you can chat in any of the book threads if you want to reinvigorate an old discussion or add your two cents. Read the month's book, or read about the book, or have an opinion about why you will never read that &^*@&%^@&%#ing book, and then jump in and post.

Spoilers? We tend to use spoiler buttons for the first half of the month, and by then, it’s assumed you have read it, so reader beware. We also use spoiler buttons on posts that might spoil a related title for someone.

How do I suggest a book? Just do it in the active thread. If you see a book suggested that sounds interesting to you, chime in and say so!

What is with the "Theme" in the charts below? In our second year, we loosely revisited the same categories as the first year, so if you want inspiration for a suggestion, look at the previous year's chart to see what kind of book might be good.

This is a simple, no frills, drop in, drop out, come as you are, come when you want, inclusive place for readers, and you are welcome!

Book List

1January Fantasy Children of Blood and Bone Tomi Adeyemilink
2February Horror Fairy Tale Stephen King link
3March TTRPG Legends and Lattes Travis Baldree link
4April Dystopian 1984 George Orwell link
5May Contemporary Bunny Mona Awad link

#MonthThemeTitleAuthorChosen or Inspired ByThread
1January RP Reading In-Character Book Reviews Players in non-canonical holiday threads   
2FebruaryMythologyGirl Meets BoyAli Smithbothers link
3MarchCollectionGitanjaliRabindranath Tagorelostcheeriolink
4April New This YearTomorrow and Tomorrow and TomorrowGabrielle ZevinFillyjonk 
5MayAuthor's Body of WorkA Wizard of Earthsea/The Left Hand of Darkness/Any TitleUrsula K. Le Guinlostcheeriolink
6June/JulyRetellingDemon CopperheadBarbara Kingsolverlostcheeriolink
7August Book2ScreenRebeccaDaphne du MurierFillyjonk 
8SeptemberFuturamaLesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century Kim Fu lostcheerio link
9October Spooky! Reader's Choice Shirley Jackson Fillyjonk link
10Nov/Dec Fairy Library Reader's Choice Recommendations/GiftingBokaflod link

#MonthTheme TitleAuthorChosen or Inspired ByThread
1February MythologyMonkey King: Journey to the WestWu Cheng'en, translated by Julia LovellWynamoinen's Uncaged Game link
2March CollectionAppendix N.: The Eldritch Roots of Dungeons and DragonsPeter Bebergal (Editor) botherslink
3April New This YearMatrixLauren GroffLemming23link
4MayAuthor's Body of WorkDreamsnake/The Exile Waiting/The Sun and the Moon/Any VNM titleVonda N. McIntyreFillyjonklink
5June/July RetellingSpearNicola GriffithSpritelink
6AugustFutureThe Parable of the SowerOctavia Butlerlostcheeriolink
7SeptemberBook to ScreenThe Lord of the RingsJ.R.R. TolkienAmazon Prime link
8OctoberSpooky!H.P. Lovecraft MonthLovecraft and OthersVariouslink
9NovemberClassics (100 years+)Margaret CavendishThe Blazing-WorldConsensus link
10DecemberRememberYear in ReviewRecommendations Gifting ink

Previous books/discussions are archived HERE.

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