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Old Apr 19th, 2022, 01:02 AM
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RPGX 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt Is Over!

This year's competition was fought across the lonely desert sands of RPGX, through trials, tribulations, and just a few snarky clues. With only a 36 hour window to fill out their hunt card, and find 54 unique items, one team rose above it all.

Congratulations to Hot, Cross Bunnies (Bananabadger, Bothers, Leviticus, Anotherdragoon, Imveros, LadyNotAGirl) for scoring 46 points and taking first place! Did they have competition? No! Did they beat the high scores of all teams in previous years? They absolutely did! Honorable Mentions go out to AnotherDragon's son, Imveros's daughter, and a very special guest appearance from Wishkamon's horse. You can see them all in the winning submission.

Please come by and congratulate our 2022 Scavenger Hunt winners! Even if you didn't participate, please take a moment to leave us a little feedback so that we can make an even better scavenger hunt next year!
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