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Old Aug 6th, 2022, 10:50 AM
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Chult Explorers

Please copy and paste your character profile from the application thread here and post a link to your character sheet! Feel free to add anything else you like.
Saskia Snow-Song - Barbarian (Tyranny of Dragons) ♦ Liadan Silverbow - Ranger (Affliction: Where Monsters Fear to Tread) ♦ Karina Blackstone - Cleric (LMoP)
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Old Aug 9th, 2022, 07:34 PM
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Zorea the Swift
left-aligned image
right-aligned image
Name: Zorea Daylander Munakigala aka, "Zorea the Swift"

Race: Goliath

Alignment: CG

Class: Rogue

Appearance: Zorea is Seven feet nine inches tall and weighs in around three hundred and twenty-five pounds. She is adorned with weapons, but isn't dressed like a warrior. Having more than just a resistance to freezing temperatures, she wears what's comfortable and protective, but not much else. If anyone has a problem with that, they should tell that to her face; no one has done that yet. She's got long ebony colored braided hair and aside from her size doesn't come off as intimidating. She's been asked so much if she's a giant that she now simply just responds, "yes" and leaves it at that. She can easily carry up to 480 lbs as if it were just traveling gear. Oh, and did I mention she plays the Bagpipes? You should hear her play after she's had a lot to drink.

Personality: Zorea is fun loving and a partier when she can be, but quite serious and determined when there's something that needs done. She is quite competitive as are all of her race, but believes in fair play so she works well in that way on a team or in a group.

Mechanical Background & Characteristics: Inheritor
Personality Trait: I get Bored Easily. When am I going to get on with my Destiny? I often tell jokes that make no sense to anyone but me.
Ideal: Nothing and no one can steer me away from my higher calling.
Bond: I have a family, but I have no idea where they are. One day, I hope to see them.
Flaw: I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drink. I sometimes pretend not to speak the language if I don't want to deal with a situation.

Backstory: Zorea came down out of the North to Luskan at a young age. Driven and with a purpose to fulfill her Destiny, she took to what came easiest and that was a bit of thieving and adventuring for fast and easy payouts so she can move on to keep looking for said Destiny.
Walking around with a longsword sheathed on her left hip, a shortsword on her right, a great club in a sleeve on her back with a short bow and quiver - which looks small in her hands if she's wielding them - and not too mention a dagger sheathed on her left bicep and another sheathed on her right thigh, she looks like anything but the nimble rogue she is. Others assume she's a giantess warrior, or barbarian at their peril - though she can bash a head in if she needs to. She's quite skilled with thieves tools and can move quietly when she needs to as well. Enemies dismissing her will find a blade in their backs or a club over their head if they turn an eye from her quicker than they thought possible.
To those she travels with, she'll tell her story. The short of it is that she was born with a birthmark and deemed the one chosen to find the lost Clan of her people and lead them back home. She was adorned in tattoos, a sign of her inheritance, and trained up to head out into the Realms with Destiny as the wind at her back, and adventure as the road to take her there.
How will she find the lost clan? Destiny. How does that work? She is destined to find it, so she will. She just can't stop looking, but she will most certainly live and enjoy life on her journey, because when she finds the Clan, her days of freedom are over. But, she'll welcome that day when it comes.


Posting Status: Decent - If a reply is needed from me either in a game I am in as a player or as a DM/GM, please send me a PM.

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Old Aug 9th, 2022, 09:12 PM
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Kenku Bard (1)

left-aligned image


Kenku are a curious sort. At a young age, many are taught to travel the world to sate their thirst for knowledge and wealth. For a young researcher himself, Whistler too held the wanderlust in his eyes. When he was finally of age, he took nothing but his trusty Lute and a song in his heart as he began his trek out to the world.

Whistler would find that his talent for mimicry was a hit as a traveling bard. It wasn't long that he became a sort of minor celebrity on the road. But no matter how popular he was in a town, his curiosity for the world would get the better of him, and off again he went, whistling a jaunty birdsong as he disappeared over the horizon.

This time his travel happened because of rumors of the dead rising. As one descended from the Shadowfell plane, death held a bit of a morbid fascination for this young Kenku. Again his scholarly instincts kicked in as he went off in search of the land that held such rumors of the undead existing.


Whistler sports feather of a dark raven black and blue hue, as all Kenku do. His faded red robe hides a rather sturdy set of leather armor, needed for life on the road. He can usually be found on a lovely jaunt, whistling a new tune he was coming up with as he strums his lute. He considers himself to be rather chill and inquisitive about the world, with a slight touch of mischief his abilities afford him to do.

Age: 20 Ideals: Attaining knowledge of the world and its peoples.
Background: Sage Bonds: Fellow travelers on the road are friends, as fleeting as they may be.
Alignment: CG Flaws: Often acts aloof and indifferent to those around him
Size: Medium Physical: 5'1", 85 lbs


I wanted to make a birb bard, especially after reading up Kenku's abilities in MPMM. Seemed like a fun little fit that would eventually push Whistler into College of Creation for even more fantastical kinds of bard abilities.

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Old Aug 9th, 2022, 09:35 PM
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(image credit: Matt Hilker) (application post)(ability rolls)
left-aligned image

Name: Gar Bit'eesh (Character Sheet)
Race: Human (variant)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Cleric (death domain)
Personality: Emo cleric of a semi-taboo death goddess.

right-aligned image

For the silent ash-skinned boy who never failed to placed juniper berries in the Headsman's basket, there was no question that he would one day don the executioner's hood himself. For each execution, he would, in private, draw a blade in a slow and deliberate cut somewhere on his face; a record of the death and an offering to Wee Jas that acknowledged his own mortality. Always fascinated by death, as a boy he was drawn to the morbid artwork adorning the temple to the (Wee Jas)Lady of Book and Bone. The magistrate allows him his personal worship, so long as any symbols to the Lady are not displayed openly during the public executions. He still places juniper berries in the head-baskets, however; a small defiance of the law. He has always been gentle and contemplative, living a humble life in service to both the temple and the city law enforcement. Now, however, it seemed the river of his life was beginning to change course.

News of the 'Death Curse' had spread throughout the temple. He had been there, for the raising of Syndra Silvane. Now the lady called on him personally, as well as others. Why, he did not know. He only knew she was, once again, facing the cold embrace of death. Was this curse the will of (Wee Jas)Dark-Eyed lady, or heresy? It was time to hang up the headsman's hood, and take up the grey cloak of a Karuth, a steward of (Wee Jas)Death's Guardian herself.

Player R.P. notes
I want to play this guy as comically obsessed with death and mortality, a real buzz kill - but he doesn't know he is. To him, death is beautiful. Oblivion is poetic. Mortality is harmonious. To avoid playing an evil character, I see him as leaning more toward the profound nature of death - finding comfort the balance and inevitability of it rather than some perverse joy in causing it, (though that is there too, again, it's beautiful to him). Also, evil gods still need living mortals to carry out their work on the mortal plane, so he can be completely justified in casting healing magic and the like. He uses the laws to help justify when it is okay for a life to be taken. He looks to his goddess when it comes to broader questions of mortality and death. He both fears death and is comforted in knowing it awaits us all. He has faith that even undeath is only a temporary extension of existence - that even the undead will, eventually, give up their magically bound souls. He does not believe in an afterlife or that souls live on in some other dimension - his 'heaven' is oblivion, nothingness, annihilation.


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Old Aug 10th, 2022, 06:01 AM
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right-aligned image


Name: Jasra
Race: Half-Elf (formerly Human)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Sorcerer (Wild Magic)
Personality: Jasra is talkative, jokey, scatterbrained and confident (or at least tries to appear confident.) She definitely has a greedy streak and if things come to disaster she'll look to save herself rather than die heroically (she's died before and is not in a hurry to repeat the experience.) She has absolute faith in her magical abilities and has a chip on her shoulder about snooty wizards with their assumptions of brilliance - besides her former comrades in arms (see below) they are among the few things to break her good mood.
Backstory: Jasra was not always a Half-Elf and was not always female. Until a year or so ago Jasra was a male human sorcerer and leader of a gang of scofflaws who raided caravans along the Sword Coast. The outlaws were not do-gooders exactly but they did restrict their ambushes to those merchant caravans affiliated with less than salubrious merchant houses and individuals like the Zhentarim. None of the group were heavy on brains but they had some magic and martial skill and for a while it worked.

It was an exciting and reasonably profitable life and ended one day in a desperate battle after some of the less ethical members decided to kill their fellows, and leader and make off with the entire treasure. While most of the gang had their throats slit in their sleep Jasra managed to wake up in time to cast a few spells before being struck by multiple arrows to the chest and going down. The mutineers fled with their ill gotten gains and there it should have ended... had Jasra not been a Wild Magic sorcerer.

Moments after dying Jasra was reincarnated on the same spot as a Half-Elven woman. To say the least she was disorientated but her instinctive grasp of her own sorcery eventually made her realise she'd been given a second chance. Thanking Tymora, Mystra and every other deity she could think of Jasra got back on her feet.

Being in a different body, different gender and different species has taken some adjusting but Jasra has coped surprisingly well and in some ways sees her new self as an improvement. She's not weighed down by angsty thoughts because she doesn't have any thoughts. Even so she's determined to follow her former friends to the ends of the earth if need be to get revenge. No one murders her and robs from her and gets away with it!

For the moment though she has set aside her dreams of revenge and ill-gotten gains retrieved - as someone who was raised from the dead by magic the rumours coming from Chult are very worrying! If she doesn't try and stop the curse how long before she withers and dies?

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Old Aug 10th, 2022, 04:58 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Shepherd Gahzu
Race: Kobold
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Druid (Circle of the Shepherd)
Background: Outlander

There is an element of nurture to Gahzu, one that should not be mistaken for affection. Kobolds live and die fast, this is true of Gahzu, as it was true of his clan.
Now without a clan of his own, it is important to his survival to protect and support those around him.
His mind often races with the entusiasm of youth and lacks the maturity and patience that is learnt by longer-lived races.
Like most of his dragon descended kin, Gahzu is quite community focused. Be that his companions, or even creatures summoned.
His success relies upon the success of those around him.

Hailing from the west of Chult, Gahzu's ancestors once occupied the aptly named Kobold mountains.
However they were forced to leave and seek refuge elswhere once the Dwarves came and expanded their mine.
Generations of Gahzu's tribe were born and burried as a displaced people, looking to make or return home.
However the jungles of Chult are a dangerous place, many creatures and peoples lurked within it, many of which considered Kobolds a snack.

When Gahzu was hatched and raised there was just the five of them left. He learnt to befriend the less predatory of the animals, keeping small pets for company and deepening his bond with the natural and less-natural world.

This did not safeguard him or the others from the hazards of the Jungle and eventually it was just him, until he found civilisation and began searching for a new tribe.
Trying many, working in demeaning conditions for insulting pay until he could tolerate the groups no more.
Shepherd Gahzu - Tomb of Annihilation

Laarth -The Last of the Hunters

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