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Old Nov 2nd, 2022, 08:26 AM
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PotM November

left-aligned image

Being a low-lying coastal country in Northern Europe, the Dutch climate is quite cool and wet year-round but is unlikely to feel exceptionally cold to travelers from northern parts of North America. Average daytime temperatures in November are around 45F (7C). Pack a warm jacket and an umbrella.

But in case you are NOT traveling to the Netherlands --> you must be having enough time to nominate an excellent post you have spotted, and written this month. And you have come to the right thread to share what you think was worth the 'Post of the Month November'- nomination and hopefully, victory. So GO AHEAD, make this thread stuffed with nominations, keep in mind to only nominate one post (and not multiple posts to prove your point please), and that you can nominate only once.
Besides that: nominate nominate nominate, share the link and your motivation and let us all enjoy

Last but not least, there is no shame to nominate your own post! If you feel you made an effort, you spend extra energy and time and your post shows it? Earn the credits you deserve and nominate :-). There is no time like the present so please use this Month/this thread to provide a stage and spotlight for a post you think needs to be seen and read...

Disclaimer: since we want to get the winning post in the spotlight, please be aware the post you nominated can be used to be in the next Explosive Runes. If you, or the writer of the post, have any objections to this; let us know

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Old Nov 14th, 2022, 11:47 PM
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Player: Ysolde
Game: Reluctant Heroes
System: Homebrew D&D (3.5e, 5e)
GM: Rasgorn

Background: While exploring / cleaning a mausoleum of undead, the party came upon a treasure room full of traps and very nasty trapped objects. One such object contained infernal baddies. After the Raksasha was 'killed', its spirit was seen by Ysolde's PC, Dame Almira 'Raven' Lyonschild, a Cleric of Saint Kelemvor - a true believer with a strict code. She had the decision presented to her of whether or not to destroy the infernal spirit (that would eventually be reborn in one of the layers of Hell) or to let it be since it was no longer an immediate threat.

In this post Almira shows the reader her past, and (a part of) the Code that she follows as a faithful cleric who serves the dead and comforts the dying. It's quite a powerful moment, especially for those in RH who get to learn more and more about the development and depth of the character through the scenarios powerfully presented to each of us.

Here is the Post! Enjoy!
Posting: Pretty normal!
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Old Nov 27th, 2022, 01:23 AM
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right-aligned image

Player: LostCheerio
Game: Nothing Ever Happens in the North
System: 5e
GM: LostCheerio

Context: There's a lot going on in the one-shot dungeon crawl Nothing Ever Happens in the North. There are treacherous NPCs, creeping baby skeletons, the aftermath of a royal feud, and at least one acidic trap. But amid all of this is a fascinating interlude where Roofs (the PC played by ElderOblex) steps inside a magic lantern and reveals a backstory that provides an opening for the GM (LostCheerio) to wind up this delightful interlude of two former-warlock NPCs describing what price comes from being a warlock who makes a pact with a genie patron.

Reason: This post is such a great collaboration of player and character developing a tragic background specific to the character and adventure, while also being a creative riff on a standard element of D&D warlock lore.

Link to post

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