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Old Nov 2nd, 2022, 04:29 PM
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New badges for official contest judges!

Announcing a special badge to recognise past and current judges of official RPG Crossing events!

left-aligned image
right-aligned image
We recognise that being a volunteer judge, while (mostly) fun, can also be a lot of work, and we'd like to recognise the time and commitment that our judges put into site events. To do so, we have introduced a new judge badge, in the form of the blue dragon that you see to the left and right of this paragraph.

Staff members will begin awarding these badges to new judges immediately. Eventually, our volunteer staff will get around to awarding them to past judges, but if you'd like to expedite that, please send a total count and an organised list (with links to corroborate!) of past events that you've judged in the form of a PM to Admin Dirk.

Why a list? Because we created multiple levels of these badges.

4 or more events judged gets you the Elder Event Judge badge:

7 or more events judged gets you the Ancient Event Judge badge:

What events count? Official events that count towards these badges include judging a full Outplay competition, a full Iron DM competition, or a full year's PotM/PotY entries.

What if someone gave me a Gold Dragon badge for judging? Over the past many years, this has happened once in a while. You can either leave it alone, or you can ask for it to be replaced with a blue dragon badge. The Gold Dragon badges are now almost exclusively rewarded to recognise GMs of New Player Solo Games.

Can site staff and former site staff get these badges? Yes, absolutely.

Thank you judges, and everyone else who spends time supporting and making stories in our community!

(Any questions? Send me a pm.)
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