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Old Dec 1st, 2022, 04:05 AM
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December PotM

left-aligned image

Nope, we don't have the Christmas tree set up yet, it is considered rude over here. I just read that in an informative article about Dutch Christmas but I think it is slightly outdated. Everywhere are Christmas trees to be seen (we just are slightly slow, we need a bit of jolly holly spirit to be added to get into the Christmas vibe ;-)

Anyway, just to share some Dutch silly with knowing things that you need to know before heading out to a Dutch family during Christmas --> a gourmet set, a Christmas gift basket from work, Delft Blue Christmas ornaments, Ice skating and family games. Curious? Let me share a link so you can read up

Besides that, we are all here to nominate ofcourse! Let us not be distracted by this Dutchness stuff so, here we go --> please nominate an excellent post you have spotted, and written this month. And you have come to the right thread to share what you think was worth the 'Post of the Month December'- nomination and hopefully, victory. So GO AHEAD, make this thread stuffed with nominations, keep in mind to only nominate one post (and not multiple posts to prove your point please), and that you can nominate only once.
Besides that: nominate nominate nominate, share the link and your motivation and let us all enjoy

Last but not least, there is no shame to nominate your own post! If you feel you made an effort, you spend extra energy and time and your post shows it? Earn the credits you deserve and nominate :-). There is no time like the present so please use this Month/this thread to provide a stage and spotlight for a post you think needs to be seen and read...

Disclaimer: since we want to get the winning post in the spotlight, please be aware the post you nominated can be used to be in the next Explosive Runes. If you, or the writer of the post, have any objections to this; let us know
Old Dec 10th, 2022, 03:21 AM
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The Nomination
right-aligned image
Credit to @TSRodriguez14
Player: Noquarter19
Game: The Lawless City
System: Pathfinder
GM: Lentil Sponge

Context: Vyeggar Vugmuk, Noquarter19's character, is a half-orc looking for his brother, and one of six people who are indebted to the thuggish owner of the casino said brother used to work at. The owner's second-in-command has given them a mission they must perform in secret, which Vyeggar was initially unsure about committing to. Also, Vyeggar has been a massive tool due to his past traumas and distrust, to the point of actively hindering the party at times.

The Post Itself: Vyeggar starts thinking about a recent incident at the casino where he put himself in danger for the sake of one of the other party members. He's recently realised that he cannot find his missing brother without friends, so he attempts to make peace with the others. After that, and planning their mission, he retires to a bedroom to find a prostitute getting him food. Overwhelmed by the recent events and revelations, instead of sexual favours Vyeggar asks her just to let him put his head on her lap (not like that) so that he can feel loved, at least for a bit.

Why Nominate This Post: Because I couldn't nominate every post in this game. Seriously, I have some absolute killer writers in this game and they are a fun quirky bunch of misfits. Shoutout to Touketsu, CatCanCook, Dylan Scott, Alatere & Vaerdis!

But this post really stuck out to me. Noquarter19 has been very good about writing an intentionally unlikeable character who actually hinders the party, but never doing so too much or without very good reasoning and logic. But this is the post where it feels like a break-through with Vyeggar is made and he is at his most sympathetic. It just emphasises how many barriers and walls he's put up, and while there's a lot of progress to be made before he stops being a problem, this is the first time he's actually opened up to someone and it emphasises how broken and tragic the character is. Just great writing. I'd also recommend the post he made before this, where he put himself on the line for no benefit to himself but because it was the right thing to do.

Link to the post itself!

Old Dec 15th, 2022, 04:03 PM
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right-aligned image

Player: BestTeaMaker
Game: The Banshee Bride
System: 5e
GM: Fillyjonk

Background: Nukky, an orphaned kobold druid, prepares camp and some much-needed goodberries for his fellow adventurers who are wounded and stuck with him in a strange time warp.

Reason: Playing high-powered heroes capable of wonders, we sometimes forget how amazing and fascinating simple magic can be. Here, BestTeaMaker brings a kobold's tragic family background and a wonderful ceremony into the oft-overlooked and sometimes routine player action of casting the Goodberries spell. Magic should be, well, magical--and this post reminds us of that.

Link to game post


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Old Dec 21st, 2022, 04:52 PM
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Nominating Horseman
right-aligned image
Gates everywhere

Player: Horseman
Game: Reluctant Heroes Yule Thread
System: D&D 5e
GM: Horseman/Rasgorn/Gibbon

Context: Every year the DMs of Reluctant Heroes (RH) put together a special thread where all the heroes (PCs) from the various threads can come together and laugh, drink, sing, dance, game, and generally cavort. Now, this is held outside of the game’s canonical time, which is currently around 1300 AD. The setting is our very own Earth, only in this Earth the times of Tolkien and Howard predate our recorded history and actually happened, from the Ages of the Silmarillion, through the Ages of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, To the Age of Aquilonia, to the current Age we are in.

Each year Yule is held in a different city and this year's Yule celebration is being held in Pont du Falx, also known as Falcon's Point. Yes, this means a lot of extra work by our dedicated DM team during this busy time of year, but they take it on.

All players, old and new, are invited to this and it happens while the other threads are going on, with all the mayhem our dear DMs can throw at us in those ongoing threads. But our Yule celebration is where heroes can let their hair down around other heroes and not have to worry about a dirk in the back or a Dracolich in the closet. The most danger is a rather sharp barb aimed at one PC from another on occasion.

About the Post: This is the kind of scene setting we have come to expect in RH and it has become the norm. But this scene is so well laid out, thought out, described, and graphically depicted that I had to share, for this is not the norm across RPGX I ken. And the crazy thing is, this post is simply describing the various gates the PCs can enter the city from, and the players get to choose which gate.

Why I Nominated This Post: I could easily nominate 90% of the DM posts in this game and wouldn't feel like I was doing enough. Our three DMs are simply that talented. Heck, in truth I could nominate most of the posts of the players as well, such a talented group of players do we have. But digress I do, for this is about Horseman's post.

What really struck me was that this is simply a background post setting up a scene for the PCs. Yes, this is background and believe me, Horseman has a scene set up for each of the gates so whichever gate a PC chooses, there'll be some type of encounter. So much time and care dedicated to a scene setting background post is simply above and beyond and this post deserves due consideration because of it.

Link to the post.


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