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Old Jan 3rd, 2023, 04:46 AM
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January PotM 2023

left-aligned image

Happy New Year to all of you reading this!!!!
.... and ofcourse an extra very happy new year if you are here to nominate a post that you thought was a blast in December 2022 ;-)

This is the first month of a new year, it can not be worse as last year and the year before, but I have to say; the posts written and nominated in here were always a spark of energy and happiness! Please understand that it is not only fun to do, it is not only showing gratitude for the writer of the nominated post but also you are sharing inspiration.
We respect you for doing so...

Having mentioned that: start nominating!!!!! Hopefully, lots of great posts will be written and/or already have been written, show them, share them, put it in the spotlight.
Remember: please only nominate ONE post and only provide ONE reference/link to the excellent awesome post.

Last edited by Admin Choc; Jan 3rd, 2023 at 04:47 AM. Reason: I can't properly spell January apparently ;-)
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Old Jan 21st, 2023, 12:07 PM
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Player: Horseman
Game: Reluctant Heroes
System: Homebrew D&D before the 1.1 brouhaha made Homebrew D&D cool!
GM: The very same Horseman
Post: The Nuptials of Darian and Byrda -- The Parties Arrive
right-aligned image

A marriage ceremony! Maybe you've had one. Maybe you've had more than one! Maybe you wish you never had one! But ... regardless, they are a fixture of life, and sometimes of roleplaying games. And yet, true to life, unless you are in the ceremony or footing the bill for it, they are kind of tedious to attend and often seem rather maudlin from the outside looking in. But, hey! Here, Horseman sets up the matrimonial drama between a PC and an NPC with flair and a mounting sense of anticipation. Don't worry though, he's not going to go ALL sweet and pretty on you. There will be an ambush and a fight scene later (as any good wedding should contain). But for now, in this post, Horseman transforms us to a magical moment of downtime roleplaying with his wonderful descriptions and narrative place-setting. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness definite PotM material!

Take me to the Wedding Post!

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Name:	Screenshot 2023-01-21 10.05.00 AM.png
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Old Jan 21st, 2023, 06:38 PM
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Player: DaysUntold
Game: The Coils of Veles
System: D&D 5e
GM: 4eyedBadger
Post: Broken

Reason for Nomination: In this post, DaysUntold’s fiery, Jinnborn wizard, Nae’laa, finds herself and her party lost within the living labyrinth demiplane that the Minotaurs call Mazuli Sul. Surrounded by a shifting, mist-shrouded maze-city and pursued by the silent skeletons of the lost bull-folk, Nae’laa and her companions must find a way to appease the darker spirit of the maze, known as “Broken” and appeal to the nobler spirit of “Poet” to let them pass.

While every player’s post in this round was incredibly evocative and powerful, DaysUntold crafted a post that delved deep into Nae’laa’s past, her complicated relationships with these companions, and her own pain at having been abandoned by her people. She wove in every bit of lore available to her and capped it all off with a heartfelt poem to appease the spirit. This truly is one of my favorite posts ever. I think you’ll see why it was so impactful, both within the story and to the reader.


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Old Jan 24th, 2023, 04:04 AM
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Player: DemonSlayer
Game: Wretched Curse of Strahd
System: D&D 5e
DM: Wretched Rick
Post: LINK

Reason for Nomination:
There are tons of amazing posts in this campaign so far. Definitely one of my favorite games on RPGX currently due to the talents of the DM and the other players. This post by DemonSlayer is no exception.

DemonSlayer's Hexblood Monk Polly takes it upon herself to begin trying to teach some of the NPCs tagging along with us martial arts to protect themselves. The descriptions, attention to detail, lessons and overall tone of the post is just outstanding.

12/22/2022 - Posting status normal, just slow on the weekends.

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Old Jan 27th, 2023, 01:34 PM
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Posts: 1,742
Player: QueenQatherine
Game: Ashes of the Sea
System: Numenera (Cypher System)
GM: Retry
Post: here

Reason for Nomination: I have two words for you: nyan cat. Yes. That's right. The legendary internet figure beloved across the cosmos played a huge role in our Numenera game. Picture this. A trio of adventurers, all incredibly incompetant, have found themselves not only thrust into unknown, snow-laden lands, but they have lost a member of their party. Abanti, a strong and powerful warrior, vanished into the night, leaving behind Vinter, an arrogant alchemist with the survival skills of a potato; Jolm, an explorer whose mind is currently in a time share with an artificial entity; and Violet, an old woman who is either very eccentric, or incredibly senile, and we are too afraid to ask which because of her monstrous grafts, are left wondering what they must do to survive the terrible odds that face them.

A winter that would see them dead by morning: mysterious beasts that are closing in on them from the dark: grief and hopelessness that drags them deeper into dreadful passiveness. How will they overcome such challenges when all they want to do is hide and cry?

That's where nyan cat comes in, and less importantly, Violet, QueenQatherine's beloved granny. Now, earlier in the game, Violet acquired an 'ancient magnetic artifact in the shape of a feline exhuming a prismatic spectrum.' It was a throaway joke that got a good laugh out of all us because the Ninth World is full of strange oddities that are beyond comprehension. But here, when everything is looking dour for the party, and spirits are incredibly low, Violet steps up, and uses the magnet as a party motivator, stripping Vinter of the magnet as she deems Jolm more worthy of it, all in the effort to push the sad, hopeless lads into action, and it works.

Because Vinter wants that magnet back, and Jolm is filled with renewed confidence.

So yeah. It's a great post. Its funny. Violet is just a treat to read. And honestly, I think any post that changes the tide of a party's motivation from 'we are all going to die' to 'let's feast on their flesh' is worthy of a nomination. Also. Nyan cat. C'mon. That's pretty great!

Status: Sick. Blegh. | Pronouns: She/Her
GMing Die Fabulous
Characters: Thunder in the Morning - Harp Strum - Captain Tavosh - Kazimir - Krow Munday - Vinter Kheen - Deidre Donaghue

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Old Feb 1st, 2023, 02:43 AM
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left-aligned image
right-aligned image
Player: Fillyjonk
Game: Falcon's Festive New Year's Eve
System: Homebrew
GM: LostCheerio
Post: This Post Here

December and January are a festive time of year! LostCheerio, Fillyjonk, Bananabadger and others gathered 'round the old hearth of joy and created a 'Reluctant Heroes' type of Yule atmosphere with games and entertainment for one and all - players could bring their PC's to play in the numerous threads with wild abandon.

In this thread, Yoshimi brought A'ru and Sneech (A'ru's fluffy puppy mount) to Filly's thread "Tru-Sight Futures: Divination via Dwarven Coins". Here, Tru divines the future with coins (dice are rolled) - and this time for a canine mount (and the doggish rider). This is just a lovely example of fortune telling that I wanted to share on top of a wonderful seasonal game for the holidays.

As Tru said, "To love, to luck, and merry memories."
Posting: Slow and sick. Bleah.
"Speak your mind even if your voice shakes." RBG
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