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Old Jan 20th, 2023, 12:11 PM
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A heartfelt thank you to some retiring moderators

We'd like to express our deepest gratitude for the contributions of a couple of active moderators of our community who will be retiring today: Squeak, Moderator since 2016; and Unko Talok, Moderator since 2021 and also a Moderator from 2006 and Admin from 2007-2009 under the name Admin Sinner. Their tireless efforts have helped shape our community and make it the wonderful place it is today.

We have messages to the community from both of them:
Originally Posted by Unko Talok
I hope to remain active around the site and remain in the games that I'm in for as long as they run or as I'm able. But life continues to be busy, and happy plans for my future threaten to reduce the amount of time I can dedicate to hobbies. I'd rather more active and excited people step up into staff roles, and that I not hang around and be inactive. Game on, y'all.
Originally Posted by Squeak
It’s been an honor to serve this site for the past seven years. Even though I am stepping down from mod duties, I still plan on being an active part of this awesome site and look forward to continuing to gaming with you all!!!
We are no less thankful to the individuals in another, larger, group who will be retiring today. They have remained on staff out of their continuing desire to help when needed and/or out of hope for an imminent comeback. Some of these folks have been around a long time, and have made huge contributions to the RPG Crossing community. However, they have been unable to be active in the community for some time now, and in the interest of having a more responsive moderation team, they, too, will be retiring today.

We want to acknowledge, in order of seniority: Admin TeufelHeunden, Admin since 2007; Admin Chuck, Moderator since 2009 then Admin since 2012; hvg3akaek, Moderator since 2009; EngrInAz, Moderator since 2013; ItsaVerb, Moderator since 2016; Inem, Moderator since 2017; and Ion2Atom, moderator since 2017. We are grateful for their contributions and we look forward to seeing them around in the community.

We are incredibly grateful for the countless hours that these dedicated individuals have devoted to RPG Crossing. Their contributions have been invaluable and will not be forgotten. Their commitment to making RPG Crossing a better place for all of us will be remembered.

As they transition from moderator roles to regular users of our community, we want to thank all of these retiring staff members for their hard work and dedication. We look forward to seeing them find more time for storytelling, games, and fun at RPG Crossing! We will miss them in the Staff forums, though....

Thank you Squeak, Unko Talok, EngrInAz, Inem, Admin Chuck, Admin TeufelHeunden, hvg3akaek, Ion2Atom and ItsaVerb for all that you've done and for being a part of our community's history. We wish you all the best!

EDIT: I've added a discussion thread for this announcement to give thanks and share memories.
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