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Old Feb 2nd, 2023, 03:23 PM
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Could the next available moderator please contact me!

Could the next available moderator please contact me?

We are happy to assist you with any questions or difficulties as soon as a volunteer staff member is available.

Prior to contacting a moderator or while waiting for a response, you may be able to find an answer to your query below.

The following are examples of situations where other options are available.
  • You believe that 16 should have been a successful roll. This is an issue for your Game Master to address, not a moderator issue.
  • You wish to report a bug. Please use the bug report thread.
  • You wish to appeal an infraction or warning. This should be brought to the attention of an Admin, not moderators, as outlined in the Site Rules.
  • You have a general site-related question. Please use the Ask General Questions HERE thread.
  • You have a non-urgent question that the community might be able to answer. We have a very active community that loves to engage with new and old members alike; please consider starting a thread in the Site Discussions forum to ask for community input.

If you have encountered a questionable post somewhere on the site, please report it using the link at the top right of the post ( or the words "report post"); this will receive rapid attention from moderators. The Report Post mechanism provides the staff with a copy of the post as it currently exists, detailed information associated with the post, and begins any private conversation that might be required before action can be taken. If, for any reason, you are uncomfortable reporting the post, you may contact a moderator using this thread and the moderator will report the post. We want all members of the site to feel included in our community. If you have encountered a post or were involved in an interaction that makes you uncomfortable, but you are uncertain whether it constitutes a rules violation or whether you want to report it, we want to hear from you in whatever manner you are most comfortable so we can address those concerns.

If you have a problem that cannot be addressed in other ways, please make a short post in this thread. Your post should state simply, "Would a moderator please contact me." It will be deleted once a moderator gets to it. This allows moderators to assist others if a queue forms. A moderator will contact you via private message within 48 hours.

This thread is only to get the attention of the next available moderator, who will ask for further details when they contact you privately. Posts here should not contain detailed information. If you feel that your issue cannot be adequately addressed by a moderator, please see your options for escalation to the Administrators according to the Site Rules.

Note: Please do not click on a moderator who is listed as "online" and send them a private message. There is a 15-minute delay between when someone last registers site activity and when they are no longer marked as online. There's a chance that anyone listed there may have just left, has the page buried in their open tabs, or has gone away from their keyboard. This has led to delays in moderator responses, and our hope is to minimize such delays.

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