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Old Mar 1st, 2023, 11:17 AM
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PotM March

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What to say about March, we have a very peculiar Dutch saying; 'March stirring its tail' meaning that you can expect all temperatures and weather types this Month. It should be spring-ish, but instead, we currently are dealing with hail, snow, and freezing cold.

It's weather to stay inside, grab your laptop and..... start nominating!!!! Hopefully, lots of great posts will be written and/or already have been written, show them, share them, put it in the spotlight.

Remember: please only nominate ONE post and only provide ONE reference/link to the excellent awesome post.
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Old Mar 8th, 2023, 09:34 PM
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A Collaborative Finish to a Well-Played Game

right-aligned image
Player: Yoshimi
Game: Nothing Ever Happens in the North
System: 5e
DM: lostcheerio
Post: Epilogue II: Thirty Years Later

Context: This is the last post in a one-shot game that took us from March 2022 to March 2023, from a buoyant silly beginning to a dramatic dark conclusion. Yoshimi, PlaidPeregrine, and ElderOblex are my three wonderful players -- they have bonded creatively, met all challenges and setbacks with good cheer and wit, and have given me and each other a lot of fun and surprises over the last year. Not only did they work well together as players, their characters were so attached to each other in the face of peril and perplexity, that at the end of the plot of this game, it really did seem like there would have to be more.

Reason for Nominating: I gave Yoshimi, ElderOblex, and PlaidPeregrine full license to go wherever they wanted with their epilogue. After over 300 posts together, we've grown to trust each other with the characters and the world, and I was happy to pass over the reins and see what they would do. What a delight they created! The post just before this one is "Four Months Later" but this one is a stunning "Thirty Years Later." All three of them worked on this post together, and the characters' voices ring true, as they each put in their energy and ideas to project the future. I couldn't be more pleased with the players and the way this game turned out, and I think the collaboration represented here reflects exactly the kind of writing and thinking that leads to great gaming here at RPGX.

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Old Mar 17th, 2023, 12:55 PM
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Player: ElderOblex
Game: Tales from the Fen: Red Claw (Crimson Claw Team)
System: Dnd5e
GM: The fool who didn't think naming conventions through for his game; Retry
Post: > LINK <

Context: We're at the very end of a Lv10 one-shot. The group has infiltrated a dragon-run beer distillery and have actually started an impromptu corporate take-over. Each of them claiming or earning their own titles along the way. I have encouraged off-the-wall antics from them as they moved through the place. They are now fighting the dragon and still mixing in silly moves to entertaining effects.

Reason: I originally was going to nominate Yoshimi as well for a lovely song named "Countercharm Rocks," but lostcheerio beat me to the punch to nominate them
LUCKILY, ElderOblex provided such a left-field post also housing his own song and playing haunting pipes in the heart of a volcano while fighting a dragon. His character, Uzza, is the smartest person you'd ever meet. However he has a unique way about him that only adds to his charm, take a look below and see what I mean!

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