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Old Mar 13th, 2023, 04:35 PM
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Outplay 2023 Setting

What you need to know in order to know that you know what is known:

1 - History to the present date
2 - List of major Corporations, and what they do
3 - List of Standards Bodies, and what they regulate
4 - Overview of technology that exists
5 - The Interview
6 - Subset of Known Alien Races

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Old Mar 13th, 2023, 06:00 PM
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In the present day, the people of Mars have successfully established the planet as the center of civilization in the solar system, while Earth has become a polluted wasteland used only for its raw materials. The corporations that brought humans to Mars now control the daily lives of the colonists, enforcing their own laws and regulations at the expense of individual freedoms.

Over time, the concept of laws has evolved, giving way to standards organizations that replace traditional legal systems. Corporations now serve as the primary enforcers of these standards, with non-compliance resulting in severe consequences for the people of Mars.

Despite the strict regulations, the inhabitants of Mars continue to thrive and make incredible technological advancements, culminating in the discovery of faster-than-light travel. With this newfound ability, they are able to explore the universe and connect with other intelligent races.

Their encounters with alien civilizations have led to the discovery of transhumanism, which blurs the lines between organic and synthetic life. The people of Mars have embraced this concept, enhancing their bodies with advanced prosthetics, implants, and artificial forms that house their consciousness.

As they continue to evolve, the people of Mars face new challenges and struggles. They encounter hostile alien races and must defend themselves against these threats, but they also find allies among the stars and establish a vast interstellar trade network that connects them to other galaxies.

Through it all, the people of Mars remain focused on pushing the boundaries of what is possible. They have replaced traditional legal systems with standards organizations and embraced transhumanism as a means of advancing their evolution. With each new discovery, they gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe around them.
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The Corporations

New Zevonia Industries
"Our Business is You."
This slogan can be seen on the office buildings, construction sites, orbital stations, dry goods, uniforms, and hard currency of New Zevonia Industries.

Originally a terraformation pioneering startup, BirchCo has long since pivoted to building a portfolio of high-leverage security, supply line, and healthcare revenue streams.

Lockwood Enterprises
A spun-off segment of BirchCo, Lockwood Enterprises' primary revenue stream comes from boundary community services, criminal rehabilitation services, and a synthesis of the two ventures.

Retry Generational Support Services
Retry's services include childcare, fertility, personal genetic optimization, family planning, education, retirement, and estate planning branches.

GNTX Partners
Started by the disgruntled leadership of the Community Genetic Engineering Department at Retry Generational Support Services, GNTX now offers competing genetics services while being the go-to contractor for large-scale genetic adaptation projects.

"Whether it's a critical business communique, a heartfelt message to a loved one, or simply enjoying your favorite program, AllComm will see to its arrival."
- from AllComm marketing materials

Helog AutoFarm Equipment Co.
The seed, distribution and mechanized agriculture conglomerate provides basic-, advanced-, and superior-line products to help industrious farmers out-yield the local competition.

OrbaFirma Terraformation Suppliers
With their Harvestelite and Xyxygen product lines, OrbaFirma is commonly seen as a low-cost alternative and primary competitor to Helog AutoFarm Equipment Co. Some believe OrbaFirma to be a secret subsidiary of the larger corporation.

"InnovaMed is dedicated to serving your community's medical needs with the care, personal touch, and authority you deserve."
"The best medical professionals, the most comfortable facilities, the lowest price: that's the InnovaMed promise!"
"Emergency? InnovaMed!"
- from InnovaMed billboards seen everywhere

Voyla Transportation
Want to go somewhere not on this Earth? Voyla, and you're there!

PortsidePro Shipyards
One of the three major manufacturers of space-travel vehicles. PortsidePro specializes in industrial and military spacecraft through a variety of hard-to-trace subsidiaries and contracted factories.

Horizonwright LLC
The relatively small operation focuses on luxury space yachts and ultra-high-end personal FTL transportation.

CosmoTonne Vessels
The major supplier of cargo and mass conveyance spacecraft, CosmoTonne was the preferred choice of early terraformers because of the ship's cost-effectiveness and ability to be broken down into usable building material. Voyla Transportation has historically held an exclusive contract with CosmoTonne, though there's been rumors of them switching to PortsidePro.

Snaxzy Foods
If you're eating a nutrient-rich and delicious packaged good, odds are good it's from Snaxzy.

fYOUd Cuisine
The parent corporation of every major chain restaurant in the solar system, including Spinni's Delicatessen, Bread of Earth, Red Planet Cafe, CyberDine, Beltloose Buffet, and many more!

Poshumanist Clothiers
What started as a Earth-based brand peddling inaccurate reflections of Martian fashion has turned into THE chic clothing line of the moment, serving as status outfitters for well-to-do school children and wealthy gala attendees.

"The solar system's most-trusted cybernetics company"

Sidereal Media
Your favorite musicians, the most enthralling dramas, hilarious comedies, terrifying mysteries, and adult entertainment to get you through any rough patch. It doesn't matter what you need, Sidereal has content that will help you forget about it.

JIF (Janitorial Infrastructure Family)
One undisputed law of physics is: things get dirty. With a JIF subscription, you can defy the laws of physics and keep your home, station, ship, or whole planet clean. Just ask us how!

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Regulatory Bodies

Sun Bank
An independent agency created and funded by the major corporations to accommodate, regulate, and adjudicate trade between member corporations. It has since taken on a diplomatic relationship with the Civilians Union to help avoid work stoppages and other industrial calamities.

Civilians Union
A legal rights advocacy union that has managed to prevent membership bans by the major corporations. Membership to the Civilians Union is affordable and provides significant protections against labor and basic personal rights abuses, such as oxygen, water, and sleep deprivation. Solar, Sector, Local, and Hyper-local officials are elected by popular vote among Civilians Union members.

Human Viability Agency
Created in response to a mutually recognized need by both Sun Bank and the Civilians Union, the HVA has been granted jurisdiction on policing matters deemed vital to the continued survival and expansion of humanity. This jurisdiction has been interpreted to include food and water quality, medical practices, worker productivity, space travel activity, waste disposal, religious observations, cultural unity, and a thousand other aspects of life.

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The technology for faster-than-light travel that utilizes the gravity the sun and a gate that acts like a slingshot is known as a SunGate. The SunGate is a magnetic-mechanical machine that converts the gravitational force of the sun to propel a spaceship faster than the speed of light. Dr. Maya Gupta, the inventor of the SunGate, is also celebrated for her inventions of extremely compact batteries and highly efficient solar cells that are still used to power machines, androids, and vehicles today. Today, SunGates can be constructed near any sufficiently large star, and several exist as 'jump points'.

Using a SunGate does come with some risk. Any organic organism onboard a ship that passes through a SunGate experiences forces that would normally be fatal. To prevent this, all biological beings are put in short-term cryostasis for the jump. Unexpected magnetic or solar storms can alter the trajectory of passing through a SunGate, causing destination errors of distance and direction.

Over the last century, SunGate technology has advanced to give a sufficiently high probability of arrival at the proper destination that most people consider it safer than even mundane modes of transportation, such as ground vehicles and moon hoppers.

Near Speed of Light Travel was achieved much more recently and has sped up the process of exploring the galaxies. NSL engines allow ships to make explore many nearer destinations without the need for a SunGate to return to Mars.

Due to the limitations of individual human lifespans, traveling to further destinations still requires SunGate technology.

Artificial Intelligence, for many generations, was limited by the fact that it needed a network connection to a large database. BioEngineers eventually solved most of that problem when they mapped the brain of a lab rat. Recreation of this structure in silicone allowed for moderately intelligent androids to be created that could perform set lists of tasks and adapt to stimuli that had not previously been encountered or programmed. Silicone was unable to form new synapses the way an organic brain would, so past knowledge of events in Androids is still limited to what can be stored in traditional memory arrays inside a unit.

This effect allowed the creation of Synthetic androids that could function as a 'snapshot' of a person, with limited ability to learn new skills (or forget them), from the point in time that the brain image was created.
Lasers sound nice, but they require a large amount of power and generate too much heat to serve as effective handheld weapons. Some spaceships designed for warfare are equipped with some laser-type weapons for short-range engagements. Kinetic weapons remain the primary armament for foot soldiers.

As a matter of practicality, good-ol' blunt and bladed weapons are still common in the more vicious fights in space since blowing a hole in the hull usually spells instant doom for those onboard.

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The following transcript was from an interview posted by the Mars Tribune on March 3rd, 457 MC (475 Years since the Mars Colonization)

The Interview

Mrs. Nadjakova: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Mrs. Nadjakova, and tonight we have a special guest joining us. Please welcome Mr. Gonzales, the president of the Human Viability Agency. Thank you for being here, Mr. Gonzales.

Mr. Gonzales: Thank you for having me, Mrs. Nadjakova. It's a pleasure to be here.

Mrs. Nadjakova: Let's get right into it. The recent news about Exodus I has left people worried. Can you shed some light on what happened to the ship?

Mr. Gonzales: Certainly, Mrs. Nadjakova. We still don't know exactly what happened to Exodus I, and we don't expect to for a number of years. Any rumors of the ship crashing into a star, or exploding after launching through the SunGate are just that: unsubstantiated rumors. Under ideal circumstances, we wouldn't hear from the Exodus I crew until 461. We believe that the Exodus I mission is proceeding as planned. However, as was leaked, there were some anomalies in Exodus I's launch trajectories that were detected. Nothing outside a normal range, but an investigation was conducted. Despite exhaustive efforts, we have been unable to project any impact the anomalies may have had on the Exodus I mission. We believe that they were caused by a combination of technical malfunctions and unforeseen circumstances. I want to assure everyone that we have taken significant measures to address the issues and ensure the safety of all future launches.

Mrs. Nadjakova: Thank you for the clarification Mr. Gonzales, but that isn't exactly new information. You mentioned future launches. I get the sense that you have something major to announce.

Mr. Gonzales: That's right Mrs. Nadjakova. I would like to officially announce that the joint coalition has completed its construction phase. We are moving forward with Exodus II.

Mrs. Nadjakova: Wow! That is major news!

Advertisement Insertion

Mrs. Nadjakova: I understand that the need to move to a new planet has become urgent due to the limited lifespan of Mars. Can you elaborate on why humans must leave and why the timeline has been expedited?

Mr. Gonzales: Certainly. Mars was never meant to be a long-term sustainable home planet for human life. It was initially established as a stepping stone, a temporary solution while we searched for a new habitable planet. Mars has limited resources and cannot sustain human life indefinitely. Our Geoengineers have worked miracles to make Mars' atmosphere hospitable for us, but there is only so much they can do. The data indicates the viability of Mars as a habitat will diminish significantly in the coming decades. It is imperative that we find a new home to ensure the survival of our species.

Mrs. Nadjakova: The idea of relocating to a new planet may be unsettling for many. How can you reassure the public that the Exodus II is safe, and will be successful?

Mr. Gonzales: I understand the concerns people may have. We have thoroughly reviewed and enhanced our safety protocols, conducted rigorous testing on Exodus II's systems, and made substantial improvements to the ship's design. We have implemented redundant systems and stringent maintenance procedures to minimize the risk of similar incidents. Additionally, we have assembled a team of the best minds in engineering and space exploration to ensure the highest levels of safety and success for the mission.

Mrs. Nadjakova: Moving an entire population to a new planet is an enormous undertaking. How will the selection process for the passengers of Exodus 2 be carried out?

Mr. Gonzales: To be clear, the Exodus II will not be relocating all of Humanity. Rather, it will be a select group of settlers to terraform a potential new home. Only when a new planet is ready will we transport the full population. The selection process for these settlers will be conducted with the utmost transparency and fairness. We have established a comprehensive evaluation system that takes into account a range of factors, including skills, expertise, genetic diversity, and the ability to adapt to a new environment. Our goal is to ensure a diverse representation of humanity on board, as well as to include individuals who possess the necessary skills to build a sustainable civilization on the new planet.

Mrs. Nadjakova: Finally, Mr. Gonzales, what message would you like to convey to those who may be hesitant or fearful about the future and the prospect of leaving Mars?

Mr. Gonzales: The message is simple. We must be bold and brave if we are to ensure our survival. So I ask, are you part of the crew? Join Exodus II and save Humanity!

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NolrithiansThe Nolrithians are an extraordinary alien species that possesses a highly advanced level of intelligence and technological prowess.

Physically, they are bipedal beings standing approximately seven feet tall. Their slender and agile bodies feature elongated limbs, shimmering, iridescent skin that displays a range of vibrant colors, and luminescent eyes that some say exhibit a profound wisdom.

Nolrithian society is deeply rooted in communal harmony and intellectual pursuits. They value knowledge, empathy, and peaceful coexistence. Nolrithians live in sprawling cities characterized by ethereal architecture designed to complement their natural surroundings. Their governmental system is decentralized, with decisions made collectively through consensus and guided by the wisdom of their elders.

The first contact between Humans and the Nolrithians occurred in 423 MC, when an exploratory ship from Mars passed through the SunGate and came near the Nolrithian homeworld of Nolright IV.

Since then, the relationship between humans and the Nolrithians has grown into a strong alliance. Regular communication channels have been established, allowing for the exchange of scientific knowledge, cultural understanding, and collaborative efforts. The relationship between the two races is characterized by mutual respect, trust, and a shared commitment to the exploration and preservation of life. It serves as a testament to the power of cooperation and the potential for unity among diverse species in the pursuit of a better future. If only all alien races encountered were as benevolent as the Nolrithians.

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