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Old May 12th, 2023, 10:20 PM
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What is Iron DM?

Iron DM is an annual celebration of the elusive blend of dedication, knowledge, creativity and chutzpah required to present and execute an unforgettable tabletop role playing game adventure. The event gathers and honors the dungeon masters, game masters, judges, referees, and all those who give their time to make games happen.

Since its first manifestation on this site in 2007, Iron DM has followed a format of asking participants to create an adventure or adventure element from a set list of themes or objects. After several rounds of play, one participant takes the "Iron DM" crown to hold until the next annual competition. To this day, the event continues as a competition-style format, but the goal of Iron DM extends to inspiring, supporting, and building the community of DM-players on this site and throughout the gaming community.

Though the contest has "DM" in its name, the event welcomes submissions from all game systems and formats. Indeed, choosing the right system and being able to balance the pros and cons of using a familiar system as opposed to using a more obscure system is part of the contest strategy itself. Parallel to that, this is an inclusive, affirming event in welcoming the diversity of backgrounds, themes, and identifications found in our gaming community.

Like our gaming community, Iron DM changes over the years. It responds to community-wide trends and groundbreaking innovations from within the contest. Please consider joining this year's event to help us grow the community and perhaps even raise the bar and define the standards for next year's gathering.

List of Iron DMs

Iron DM Year Winning System Link to Winning Entry Runner-Up Link to Runner-Up Final Entry
RoBi 2007 D&D 3.5 Faces Agwolf The Star of Chaos
pfooti 2008 D&D 3.5 The City Eternal Caveman Desolation Denied
Malikane 2009 D&D 3.5 Rathyrian Black withdraw none
idilippy 2010 D&D 3.5 Forest of Madness Moth One Quiet Night
Melchior 2011 D&D 3.5 A Hippocratic Peace Illya A Cure for All Ills
Toba 2012 D&D 3.5 Sorrow in the Shadow of Scorn Melchior To Conquer Death
Bade 2013 D&D 3.5 Seasons of Rage Aeternis The War's Child
Ion2Atom 2014 D&D 3.5 A Dish Best Served Dead Hippo A Flickering Beacon
moozuba 2015 Pathfinder Heart of Darkness Rolzup Those Who Shape
Inem 2016 Pathfinder Frozen in Time Rolzup A Few Impossible Things
Inem 2017 Pathfinder The Child Emperor Khelbiros The Curse of Skagos
Inem 2018 Pathfinder Soul Surgery Unko Talok Hardened Hearts
Unko Talok 2019 Pathfinder The Old Feud Drager Lover's Quarrel
Spoonybard 2020 D&D 5e The End at the Beginning Thaco Dan's Labyrinth
Thaco 2021 D&D 5e The Candymaker LostCheerio The Sunrise Pact
bananabadger 2022 FATE Core The Jade Dragon Auron3991 History Repeats
Strangemund 2023 Cypher / Numenera The Hound's Crypt jbear Siblings of Death


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