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Old Nov 3rd, 2023, 08:21 AM
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PotM November

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Fall has arrived, and we Dutch people even welcomed Winter-time by changing our clock time one hour back to get more daylight during the day (we changed the clock from 3.00 --> 2.00, and in Summer we put the time back from 2.00 --> 3.00 again). Ofcourse it's the time to cuddle up, near the fire time (that we do not have, hehe) and read books POSTS!!!!

Yes, you know why you came here! You must have spotted a very good post, and you were thinking: how to let more RPG players know that this post is awesome?. And this is the way to create a stage for that post, let us know:
  • Create a post in this thread and provide a link of the post, if the game forum is secret, please copy and paste the post in a spoiler tag)
  • Please only link to ONE post, we do not need multiple posts to show your enthusiasm
  • Share your thoughts and motivation 'why' you thought this post was awesome, what was standing out for you, why did you love this particular post?
  • Follow these guidelines even if you are nominating your own post, we love to see why you are proud and want to share your own post

So please nominate, we love to read
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Old Nov 15th, 2023, 11:34 AM
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NominationPlayer: Kaigen
Game: Die Fabulous
System: Thirsty Sword Lesbian
DM: Strangemund (me!)
Post Link: here

Context: We're in the after-math of a showdown that happened between the PCs and loan shark antagonist, Sally Slither, who attempted to burn down their friend Harleen's bar. They saved the day but not without a few cuts and bruises, and emotional scars.

Anais, the ever upbeat country gal, takes time to tend to each of her friends, both PC and NPC alike, and then gives herself a quiet moment to process the revelation that the mysterious woman she came to the city to find-- perhaps even court-- is not only here, but she's sad. Seen in a photograph that was kept on Sally Slither's person. And that thought alone leads Anais to make a prayer in the rain.

The Reasoning: It is beautiful, ya'll. Kaigen (known stealth PotM nominator) really hit all the buttons for me in terms of a fantastic post. It is heartfelt. It connects with the other PCs and NPCs. And it circles back to just a gorgeous scene of her reconnecting with a story reveal I gave Kaigen several posts ago-- it is, without a doubt, magical. Honestly, that image of her standing in the rain, wishing comfort for someone else is just-- it is exactly what I wanted to experience in a Thirsty Sword Lesbian game.

Bonus: I also still cannot get over Kaigen's choice of pic for Anais. I really just want more people to see their genius.

The Post:

Status: Catching Up! | Pronouns: She/Her
GMing Die Fabulous | Old Gods of Appalachia
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Old Nov 19th, 2023, 09:23 AM
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NominationNominee: Alemar
Game: Otherworlders: The Terrans
Link: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthre...99#post9788599
DM: Rylus

Context: Trevor was picked up from the real world, and tossed head over heels into the magical realm of Chroma. Chroma is similar to a MMORPG, where life seems to follow a completely different set of rules than what the Player's are used to. Trevor has travelled with a few other newcomers to the Adventurer's Guild, and through his various actions during the previous day has caught the attention of a powerful being named Hulm. Tumbling through an everchanging mindscape, Trevor come face to face with a life he could very well have, provided he signs the Warlock's End User Licensing Agreement (It's an MMO game after all)

Reason: I found it quite fun to write, and feel the imagery is both clever, fun, and powerful for other readers to enjoy.
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Old Today, 04:18 AM
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Nominee: Squirmonkey
Game: Eagle Eyes
Link: here
GM: Dworin

Context: Levian (PC) is a spy master with many street contacts. Squirmonkey had introduced Ignaea (NPC), a street musician, in an earlier post and she was revisited in this scene. She seemed impatient with Levian for promising to connect her to a teacher but never delivering.

Reason: In this short post, Squirmonkey masterfully shows how to manipulate a person into submission by first breaking her down and then giving a (cheap) promise. This transformed a plain 'the spy didn't see anything' scene into an impressive reveal of character, bringing Levian's character aspect (cold-hearted bastard) into focus.
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