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Old Mar 3rd, 2024, 02:27 PM
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PotM March

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Dutch traditional knowledge and tegeltjeswijsheid

The transition from winter to spring in the Netherlands can be extremely variable. As in other traditional societies, in the Netherlands weather lore sayings were used to predict the weather and plan agricultural practices, such as sowing, adding manure and harvesting. In this way, a type of knowledge based on experience was verbally passed on from generation to generation. In the 1800s certain sayings were increasingly painted on decorative tiles in Delft Blue style, which is why in Dutch these sayings are sometimes referred to as tegeltjeswijsheid, or tile wisdom, as for example in this NOS news item.
Other Dutch weather lore sayings for March and April

Besides april doet wat hij wil, another Dutch weather lore saying used in spring is maart roert zijn staart, or March stirs its tail. This saying refers to the fact that March weather can be surprisingly stormy and bleak. Finally, the unpredictability of Dutch spring weather comes across well in the saying aprilletje zoet geeft nog wel eens een witte hoed. This translates to English as sweet April can sometimes give you a white hat and means that even though the weather in April is usually mild, it might still snow.

Written by Eveline Mineur
Ellipsis Text and Translation


Yes, the thread is online! The place to be if you want to show some love for a particular post that caught your attention and admiration this Month. Maybe it is your own post you want to share, if so, please explain why you are proud about your post. What do you hope the readers will see, feel, or experience reading your piece of written art.

Maybe you want to share/ nominate a post from a player in your adventure group, or is it the DM-post you thought was awesome? Or... you were crossing the site and encountered a post that made you want to nominate. Please link the post, explain why you wanted to nominate a post, and let that post participate in this Month's contest....
Old Mar 26th, 2024, 06:49 PM
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Player: RossN
Game: Dragons of a Broken World
System: DnD 5e
GM: Elanir
Post: Zendra’s Nightmare

Reason for Nomination: RossN’s character, Zendra Zantir, is someone who has had a very hard time in the game. Deeply resentful of the fact that she was born in a family of wizards and sorcerers without possessing even the faintest magical spark herself, she gets lost in the desert while trying to bring peace to the restless spirit of her beloved uncle. “Saved” by a group of mercenaries, she quickly falls for their noble and charismatic captain only to discover that they are in fact a group of ruthless bandits, led by someone who is extremely cruel and abusive. She joins the rest of the PCs, who thankfully manage to eliminate the bandits and free her, but has to face their initial distrust, rapidly multiplying desert demons and treacherous draconians. So, it’s no wonder that she eventually becomes convinced that the land itself has cursed her.

Zendra seems to be right about her curse when a horrible “dream eater” targets her first and is able to engulf her in a living nightmare. As she feels the life being drained out of her, she experiences her worst fears - a future of misuse as a prisoner of the bandits, her shame for not being able to master magic, her frustration at not being able to follow her own path. Zendra is in pain and RossN, taking inspiration from the character’s past and her many traumatic experiences, is able to present this pain in an incredibly realistic and emotional way.

So, read RossN’s latest post, praise them for their mastery of the written word and pray that things will improve for Zendra, who definitely deserves a break!

He/Him - I have taken the Oath of Sangus
Running Dragons of a Broken World: A Dragonlance (Age of Mortals) 5e DnD campaign
Old Mar 27th, 2024, 05:53 AM
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Player: Lazer
Game: Star Wars: Echoes of Darkness
System: Star Wars 5e
GM: Rockerboy
Post: We Need To Destroy It

Coming hot on the heels of Corr Shule discovering that the ancient surveillance outpost he has worked so long to discover on his home planet Giaca has actually been secretly in active use by the town elders for years, he is now told that someone else has also found the outpost and stolen a number of key components. With everyone talking over each other Corr's emotions burst forth and he shouts out that the outpost has to be destroyed!

Lazer's development of Corr's character even over this short Episode 0 has been fascinating to watch. Everything Corr thought he knew about his little corner of space has been uprooted, and he's struggling to cope with it. His friends and the elders are soon able to talk him back from wanting to destroy this place, but what will Corr do now that they've discovered a secret that could mean the end of Giaca?
DM: Heroes of Augera
World Anvil: Torosevia
Old Apr 7th, 2024, 09:07 AM
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Player: Boss Nadar
Game: Pandora's Door
System: M&M3
GM: Boss Nadar
Post: Futurist's Safehouse

This is a nomination for a GM that has been balancing a lot of moving parts, multiple NPCs and multiple characters, in a complex and weaving story across several different threads, with interconnecting and crisscrossing interactions. Beyond all that, this post in particular felt like Boss Nadar was putting in the time and effort, having a philosophical debate between NPCs and players, while propelling the story forward and maintaining mannerisms and speaking patterns for the NPCs involved.

So while this might be one single post, this is also an appreciation of all the effort for the game, too.
Star Wars | X-Men | Ronin

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