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Old Apr 8th, 2024, 12:00 PM
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PotM April

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April started with 'April Fool's' and I have to be honest, there were so many fake posts about new board games coming out that I wished for so, so many to be true ;-). Fun fact; our Dutch expression when someone is pranked on April's Fools --> "Hahahha, first of April, frog in your bum". I will look up why this is a very national silly expression though
Did not fall for any jokes, did not even prank anyone (that's a rarity, love April Fool's but the time was lacking)(hence this post is so inelegantly late)

Anywayzzzzz, more serious business. Posts that were NO joke, seriously written with skills and talent that made their readers appreciate and like that post so much that nomination was the only option. Maybe it is your own post you want to share, if so, please explain why you are proud about your post.

Please link the post, explain why you wanted to nominate a post, and let that post participate in this Month's contest....
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Old Apr 14th, 2024, 07:48 AM
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Player: Yoshimi
Game: Eagle Eyes
System: FATE
GM: Dworin
Post: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthre...31#post9846431

Reason for nomination:
I love how all my players craft their posts and I could nominate many every month. This particular post really surprised me, though, so I feel it deserves the highlight.

Yoshimi had suggested a self-compel for his char to go look for the son of another char. Part of such a deal is that the story should become more complicated, so this post is completely detached from the plot.

When he found the child, that one complained about having to translate Sophokles, saying that it is dull. This prompted Fidelis (Yoshimi's char) to do an imprompu solo performance of Oedipus Rex which is extremely fun to read and really makes for a very lively scene. One little boy's feeling about homework will be forever changed!

Go give the post some love--- and some of my other players' as well while you're at it--- thanks.
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Old Apr 15th, 2024, 12:50 AM
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Player: Mitsubachi
Game: Rogue Trader: Voided Warranty
System: W40K Rogue Trader
GM: SpatulaOfDoom
Post: Guess what happens to Jack

Reason for nomination:
There have been many good posts in this game; funny, amazing Lore, wonderful NPC's, great character play, depth - the works. This one though, this one raised praise and comment from everyone in the game. The GM's post before hand was a contender but Mitsubachi took a thread and turned that into a well knit onesie of a gripping post. Its dramatic, exciting and the ending is just perfect, so much so that it makes grimdark look positively radiant. Seriously, after reading that don't you want to put yourself into a metal tube and throw yourself into the warp for some old dude in a fancy Iron Lung.
Get to know psuedenim. I'm a He/Him in PDT and am around most days.

An ongoing medical thing came up so posting could be slower for a while. Please PM me or even post for me if the gap is too long.

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Old Apr 29th, 2024, 04:13 AM
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Player: EMIW
Game: Heroes of Augera
System: D&D5e
Post: The House of Safe Harbor

The thing that stands out for me with this GM post is the description. Reading it paints a picture in the mind, along with the nautical terminology and theme carried throughout, it was very vivid to read as a player in the game; and since I usually have trouble visualizing word format, I appreciated that this instance had me seeing it in my mindseye fairly clearly.

Alongside that, Friar Nickelby fits well in manner, speech, thought and recollection as a once-upon-a-time-sailor that has since hung up his rigging for the calmer seas of the temple - and even that analogy pales in comparison to what's in the post, honestly.

All round I think this is a fantastic post, which made a real splash for the group, and drew me in... like a rip current.

I'll stop now.
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Update: RL hit hard, expect updates all over in the next day or two!
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Old May 1st, 2024, 01:04 PM
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Player: Star Moth
Game: Avatar: Winding Byways of the Spirit
System: Avatar Legends
GM: squirmonkey
Post: here

Context: It's the beginning of the first game thread, and Star Moth is introducing Cui Fan.

Reason for Nomination: First impressions are important, and the impression Star Moth gives us of Cui Fan is snappy, concise, and establishes the character's shortcomings without being precious about it.
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Old May 3rd, 2024, 04:35 AM
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Player: Dworin
Game: Heroes of Augera
System: D&D 5e
Post: Stalking the Seneschal

Context: The Baron's top man, Florian Highmoon, has made an appearance, seemingly just to gloat at the tragic Harpy attack that has befallen the Imma Guard. Following a successful Insight check, the party's Rogue Clovis Brighttaker decides to follow the Seneschal, correctly assuming that he will be on his way to meet an informer.

Reason for nomination: All of my players have been incredible, but this time I felt driven to nominate this particular post - Clovis' decision in this post to follow the Seneschal led to a well-timed Nat 20 Stealth check, allowing him to follow close enough to hear a lot of very important information. While being new to D&D, Dworin is clearly no stranger to great PbP RP and nuanced character work, reacting nicely to the impressions gained from his Insight check. The decision to split the party (even more) is never an easy one, but in this case it was well reasoned and it paid off.
DM: Heroes of Augera
World Anvil: Torosevia

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