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Old May 7th, 2024, 03:21 PM
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PotM May

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To the readers who know me a little bit, and knowing our silly Monarchic country, you know we have a very National last week of April/start of May. Not only was there King's Day the 27th of April but we also had Remembrance day and Liberty day.

No need to read every link, just wanted to share the information and let you know that it was really busy at boardgame shop, boardgame museum and boardgame cafemy new work, matching those days with thematic events. Being outside playing loads of games inviting everyone, a game night with thematic games, and extra days open to grant players the experience of the museum and game area/cafe.
One could say, whohohooow, so May is a relaxing month for you now? BUT NO -> Next week Eurovision songfestival is starting!!!! Today is the first half finals, Thursday is the second half, and Saturday the grand final where we, the Netherlands, ofcourse will win this #hehe (already added a picture of Joost, our entry)

BUT, you are not here to read about the Netherlands, Eurovision or Joost -> you are here to nominate!!!!
Or to read the posts that were nominated, also a possibility ;-)
So let's go:

  • Only nominate one post
  • refrain from adding a nomination for the same post by another nomination)
  • pass us the link and/or copy-paste the post in a spoiler
  • ... and for everything I forgot --> check here

Most of all: have fun
Old May 8th, 2024, 12:37 PM
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Nomination for May
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Post Author: Fillyjonk
Game: Fey Ghosts of Saltmarsh
System: D&D 5e
DM: Fillyjonk
Post: To the Brineweave!

Reason for Nominating: In Fillyjonk's wildly homebrewed version of Saltmarsh, fey are present in every aspect. Their markets, their minions, and their feuds and fancies have affected all our plot lines and characters. For three years now, we've been collecting clues and piecing together a key and many reasons to go to The Brineweave, a fey demiplane that mirrors Saltmarsh. We've peeked into it, we've put together its history and ideas about its inhabitants, and now, finally, we are there!

This post about our party's arrival in The Brineweave after so many hints and teases could not have been more anticipated. We were all wild to go. A writer like Fillyjonk rises to this kind of expectation so spectacularly -- we knew we would be getting some thrills, and she delivered in abundance, especially the descriptions about what it was like to travel across the planes. Also, just personally, my gnome is getting to meet "Doctor Pillows," a mysterious person who we've previously met only as an eyestalk, glimpse through a rift. We're entering the end game of a story that's been more than three years in the making so far, and our third-act setting, introduced here, is going to be amazing.

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Old May 9th, 2024, 06:32 PM
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Old May 31st, 2024, 01:00 AM
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Player: Pinotage
Game: Reluctant Heroes / Far and Wide
System: Homebrew D&D
DM: Rasgorn
Post: A Thief's Escape

Background: Sylana Pushpin, a convicted thief on the run, has landed with a party of warriors and gnomes who have just barely defeated a group of undead in a dangerous, underground passage. Facing some undefined magical compulsion to sleep and recalling a similar previous encounter that left her nearly dead, Sylana forgoes her traditional looting to escape as quickly as possible and emerge into fresh air.

Reason for Nomination: Mechanically, this is a simple "uncanny dodge" post, but story-wise, Pinotage does so much more. She ...
  • Recalls game lore from nearly 4 years previous and brings it back into play to describe her character's uncharacteristic, frantic retreat.
  • Continues to develop a relationship with a key NPC (the Lady Danicea)
  • Further develops her own character (an unlikely blend of "look-out-for-number-one" and charming concern for her allies which has come to define Sylana) by assisting another NPC (Turley the gnome).
  • Responds to the DM by echoing some of the DM's descriptions of the world beyond the underground passage, but also by building on those prompts and adding in concrete descriptions of the area.

It's a tall order for a diminutive rogue, but Pinotage pulls it off!


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Old Jun 4th, 2024, 08:31 AM
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Player: Strangemund
Game: Old Gods of Appalachia
System: Cypher
DM: Strangemund
Post: The Tale of the Old Badger Hole

Reason for Nomination: Strangemund continues the gathering of the characters at the Stray House after many years apart, and Kermit tells the unnerving story of why the old badger hole was finally filled in. Strangemund's understanding of the nature and language of Old Gods of Appalachia makes everything feel so natural, like an official side project of the original podcast. The nod to some of the character applications who weren't chosen is inspired, creating the feel of a bigger world beyond the PCs experiences. Thanks for including Kenny, Strange See you soon, family. See you real soon...

DM: Heroes of Augera
World Anvil: Torosevia

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Old Jun 4th, 2024, 12:38 PM
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It's a good thing there's no rule against nominating multiple posts by the same person because Strangemund has been killing it recently.

Player: Strangemund
Game: You Can't Pay Debts with Hell Money
System: Tian Deng
GM: Kaigen
Post: Link

Reason for nominating: Strangemund continues to enrich the game by inventing fictional fandom beef, making evocative descriptions (the knitted sweater abandoned in the maintenance shaft!), and generally roleplaying Mah Guo as an all-around loveable goof who appreciates and supports her crew mates. In a game with strong found family vibes, that's so important.

"There is no general doctrine which is not capable of eating out our morality if unchecked by the deep-seated habit of direct fellow-feeling with individual fellow-men." óGeorge Eliot, Middlemarch
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