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Old 05-30-2009, 11:51 AM
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To speed the process of starting a game (since the point of this game is kinda just to get you into it quickly) there are six pre-made characters you can choose from. First come, first served. Post which character you want in the app. thread and We'll get you started as soon as we've got six people for a game.

Alex: Human Fighter
Ivi: Gnome Bard
Duri: Dwarven Cleric
Hagu: Half-Orc Barbarian
Tarki: Elf Wizard
Wink: Half-elf Rogue

*Make your own sheet and copy and paste the stats from these so you can finish filling them out and edit your stuff as you go along.

**Also, I'd like to note that any superfluous equipment you feel you need that isn't on the sheets (such as rope and ten foot poles and duct tape etc.) May be added at your discretion (no weapons, armor, Magic items or potions etc., though). Just deduct the total of the new items from your starting gold.

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Old 10-11-2010, 09:14 PM
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10 Easy Steps to Downloading and Uploading your Character Sheet

1) Select Your Character; Look at the available characters in the App Thread and then look at the character sheets here in this thread. Once you have "claimed" your character, post in the App Thread and let everyone know.

2) Down load the Zip file to your computer, Save it somewhere that it will be easy to find and then Unzip it. You MUST unzip the file on your computer. The XML file that is inside the Zip, is your Character Sheet. At this time we can not Up Load XML files to post on the site for you to copy, so you Must Download this file and Unzip it.

3) Start a new Character Sheet, called your character's name. You can use the 3EProfiler of the d20 3.5 DnD, either will work fine. This is done in the My Characters under the Tools Menu on the top of all the Site pages. Do not enter any information on the new character sheet at this time. it will be written over when you upload the XML file.

4) Under Current Characters find your Character Sheet you just created, it maybe the only one. To the right of the character's Name is a EDIT, click it. This will open the Character Sheet Options page.

5) At the bottom of the page is an option to Restore Character. This is where you will up load the file you saved and unzipped on your computer. Click the Browse and select the XML file that you down loaded and unzipped. Leave it on Auto Detect and then click UPLOAD. Click OK on the overwrite pop-up box and your character sheet will then be filled in.

6) Click on your Character Sheets Name (Left Side) and it will open the Mostly Completed character sheet. At this point you personalize the character with all the relevant information.

7) Spend Some Money! You can buy normal adventuring gear and weapons for your character. No magic items though.

8) While you are working on your Character Sheet, make sure you save it and then go back to the EDIT and turn on Apply Public Permission so your DM and other players can check your character sheet, and suggest any needed changes or omissions.

9) Have Fun!

10) Have MORE FUN!

These are the File(s) that you select and Download to your computer. I personally guarantee that they are virus and bug free!
If you have any questions please post in the OOC Thread (The Tipsy Dragon Tavern)

Attached Files
File Type: zip Alex.zip (2.8 KB, 305 views)
File Type: zip Duri.zip (3.1 KB, 148 views)
File Type: zip Hagu.zip (2.7 KB, 136 views)
File Type: zip Ivi.zip (3.2 KB, 199 views)
File Type: zip Tarki.zip (3.4 KB, 143 views)
File Type: zip Wink.zip (2.9 KB, 169 views)
Been off site for a year or so and looking to get into a game or two.

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